tovilco shopping directory
New website for Tovilco. Tovilco promote their own shopping directory, providing shoppers with a an uncluttered way of accessing special offers and goods from a list of categorised shops. Tovilco is described as the essential shopping directory.
Here's our newly designed logo for Joe's Barbershop. Need a logo to push your brand forward? We create professional customised logos that will leave a lasting impression and make you stand out from the crowd.

Our new logo for Digital Sphere created in Inkscape. Need a logo for your business? Our logo designs start from just £75.

Digital Sphere

If you need a small to medium website making for your business then why not let us build it for you in Grav.

Grav CMS

GRAV is a flat file content management system (CMS). It has a simple to use interface meaning it is quick and easy to update content. Unlike other content management systems there is no database so there is less of an overhead when installing and moving your website. It's an ideal CMS for small to medium sites. From simple to sophisticated, Grav has the flexibility to power all manner of websites.

Take a look at one of the first websites we built. Created before the days of responsive websites it stills looks good today.

Reiner Guitars

The brief for this website was to make it look like the material used to build guitars. Being a guitar player myself I was able to source images for the edges and provide video for all the guitar parts. On the front page you are greeted by a gallery of the luthier's instruments. Each guitar is hand made. Click the image above to visit Reiner Guitars website.